Cash Chores

Cash chores aims to improve the process of sending recurring payments from parent to teen accounts. Currently, users can use Cash App’s P2P feature to send money to contacts. While the process of sending a payment is simple, parents find themselves repeating similar transactions on a regular basis. Cash chores aims to brings economic empowerment to teens by empowering them to be more financially responsible.
UX/UI Design
1 Week


Last November, Cash App launched Cash App for teens allowing users aged 13 to 17 to use the product. This gave younger users access to features such as CashCard, Direct Deposit and exchanges. Our goal has been to cater the product towards teens in an organic way that resonates with their day to day activities.  

How can we empower teens to become more financially responsible while improving the process of sending recurring payments for chores?

The Solution

Cash chores is available to both parents and teens, inside the Cash App Families ecosystem. The feature lets parents schedule daily and weekly chores and works with the product’s existing P2P feature to pay teens upon completion. Teens are able to view and complete their chore lists, giving them more control and independence over their household responsibilities. Upon chore completion, parents are able to review chores before sending payments.

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Next Steps

We're hoping to share this project with the Cash App Families team to get feedback on how we improve our designs and get insight on our current users. We hope to further explore how to integrate Cash Chores with the allowances feature, an open chore system and additional chore settings. 


I’m very pleased with how this hack week project turned out. I conducted a benchmark analysis, identified core requirements, established user personas, created design iterations and prototyped all under one week. Not only that but I also learned and adapted to a new design system. Collaborating in a cross functional team with designers and engineers offered me a fresh eye on how to tackle design challenges, and the importance of ongoing communication.


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