The digital wallet that doesn’t discriminate


Reflecting upon my own experience with the native digital wallet product on my phone, I was frustrated at how difficult it was for me to add gift cards and loyalty cards and wished that there were better ways to locate transaction history. I decided to design a new digital wallet product that would alleviate some of my challenges and improve upon existing digital wallet features. 
UX Design, UI Design
2.5 months

The Problem

Carrying physical wallet items such as credit cards, gift cards, loyalty or membership cards, identification cards, tickets and passes can be stressful, annoying and unsafe. With an economy that is growing to become more digitized and contactless payments gaining popularity, digital wallet products are becoming more widespread as they are more safe, secure, are easier to manage and provide a more seamless experience. Further, digital wallets can offer features that improve the consumer experience such as offering insights, rewards, or in-app money transfers. That being said, there are few digital wallet products available today, each one limited to specific operating systems and features.

How might I design an intuitive and trustworthy digital wallet product that digitally houses users physical wallet items and helps them track their financial health?

The Solution

Wabo is a digital wallet product compatible with both IOS and Android products, which will house and organize users physical wallet items. Using near field communication (NFC) technology, Wabo allows users to pay in-store and online swiftly. Through its intuitive, secure and simple interface, the product will allow users to easily locate and organize card items and transactions, add new wallet items, and view monthly spending insights and history. Wabo also allows its users to customize their card skins digitally, replicating the tangible and personal quality that physical cards have.


I really enjoyed learning about the different existing digital wallet products, and the technology behind each one. This project moved really quickly and if I had more time I would have liked to conduct more design research as it felt like I rushed into designing the wireframes. Going forwards I’m hoping to design a solution to integrate this product into a phone’s native wallet system, design a laptop web solution, and also design widgets.


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